Susan at Solo Show at Through This Lens

Susan at Solo Show, “Inclined Toward Amber”

SLR Images was created in the 1990s for my portrait and event business.  When looking at an event portfolio, people comment that it appears that every event I  photograph is full of happy people.  I do strive to bring out the best in my subjects,  and hope my positive energy is reflected back into the camera.

My focus changed after the turn of the century to my music past, and I built a career in the jazz world.  You can see and hear all about that on the website www.susanreeves.net.  I used my photo skills in creating the site and its images, so be sure to enjoy the pictures while you are there!

Photography didn’t disappear from my experience, though,  as medical photography is my daily  career.  My images have been published worldwide throughout medical journals and books, and now on the web.  Currently my work includes portraiture, photomicrography, and many other areas to keep it interesting.  I am responsible for the extensive website of my hospital department, and apply my photo skills to the many aspects of that canvas as well.

Now I have turned my focus back to my personal photography, this time on artistic themes.  My images have been shown in galleries, won some awards, and through this website I hope to reach a larger audience who can appreciate my vision and joy in the details so many just pass by. With the initials SLR*, it seems I was born to be a photographer!

To purchase any photos you see on the site, contact Susan. They are printed in Limited Editions.

(*Single-Lens Reflex camera)

Susan Reeves- Solo Show

Susan’s Solo Show “Inclined Toward Amber” at Through This Lens included over 40 images.

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